Board of Directors

Board of directors, executive officers & auditors of Ube Industries.

As of Jun. 28, 2018


Chairman of the Board of Directors & Director Michio Takeshita Chairman of the Board of Directors & Director Michio Takeshita
President & Representative Director Yuzuru Yamamoto President & Representative Director Yuzuru Yamamoto
Representative Director Tadashi Matsunami Representative Director Tadashi Matsunami
Director Masato Izumihara Director Masato Izumihara
Directors Takashi Kusama (Independent Outside Director) Directors Takashi Kusama (Independent Outside Director)
Keikou Terui (Independent Outside Director)  Keikou Terui (Independent Outside Director)
Takashi Shoda (Independent Outside Director)  Takashi Shoda (Independent Outside Director)
Mahito Kageyama (Independent Outside Director)  Mahito Kageyama (Independent Outside Director)

Corporate Auditors

Takanobu Kubota
Atsushi Yamamoto
Seiichi Ochiai (Independent Outside Corporate Auditor)
Miyako Suda (Independent Outside Corporate Auditor)

Executive Officers

President Yuzuru Yamamoto* Group CEO
Senior Managing Executive Officers Tadashi Matsunami* Company President of Cement & Construction Materials Company with responsibility for Energy & Environment Div.
Tokuhisa Okada Company President of Machinery Company
Masato Izumihara* Company President of Chemicals Company
Managing Executive Officers Junichi Misumi With responsibility for Information System Dept. and Ube Corporate Service Dept.
Masahiko Nojima General Manager of Engineering Plastics, Caprolactam and Industrial Chemicals Div., and General Manager of Atlantic Operational Unit, Chemicals Company
Yukio Hisatsugu Vice President of Machinery Company
Makoto Koyama Vice President with responsibility for Group Company Dept. and Technical Development Center, Cement & Construction Materials Company
Hideo Tamada Group CCO, General Manager of General Affairs & Human Resources Office and Procurement & Logistics Div. with responsibility for Group CSR
Executive Officers Makoto Aikawa With responsibility for Environment & Safety Dept. and Quality Management Dept.
Morihisa Yokota General Manager of Corporate Research & Development, with responsible for Intellectual Property Dept.
Genji Koga General Manager of Production Division, with responsibility for EHS Dept., Chemicals Company
Hiroshi Nishida Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Ube Material Industries, Ltd.
Masayuki Fujii Group CFO, General Manager of Corporate Planning & Administration Office
Yasushi Konno General Manager of Pharmaceutical Div.
Yuuki Nishida General Manager of Battery Materials and Fine Chemicals Div., Chemicals Company
Hidetsune Miura General Manager of Ube Chemical Factory with responsibility for Ube Fujimagari Factory, Production Div., Chemicals Company
Yoshiaki Ito General Manager of Production & Technology Div. and Resources & Products Div. with responsibility for Material Recycle Div., Cement & Construction Materials Company
Yuuzo Hanamoto General Manager of Energy & Environment Div. and Coal Business Unit.
Hisaaki Yokoo General Manager of Administration Dept., Chemicals Company
Masayoshi Ota General Manager of Strategy & Business Development Dept. with responsibility for Development Dept., Chemicals Company
Keiichi Nagata General Manager of Polyimide and Specialty Products Div., Chemicals Company
Masaro Suehiro General Manager of Asia Operational Unit, Chemicals Company
Bruno de Bièvre President of UBE CORPORATION EUROPE S. A. U.
Shigeru Ouchi General Manager of Cement Dept., Cement & Construction Materials Company and Managing Executive Director of Ube-Mitsubishi Cement Corporation
Mitsuo Ono General Manager of Planning & Control Dept., Cement & Construction Company

* The person who holds the post of Director concurrently.