The UBE Group is committed to practicing compliance not only with legislative regulations but also with in-house regulations, international rules and social expectations in the execution of corporate and business activities. It will also maintain high standards of conduct and integrity to earn society's trust, both in Japan and internationally. The UBE Group conducts education and training to communicate the standards for compliance that are expected for officers and employees and in its business activities.

1. UBE Group Action Guidelines

The UBE Group established the UBE Group Action Guidelines in 1998, which directs officers and employees of the UBE Group to fully comply with all legislation and regulations in and outside of Japan and in-house regulations, and observe social ethics. The guidelines were revised in 2003, 2004 and 2009 to emphasize corporate ethics and social responsibility.

2. Compliance Officers and Compliance Committee

Compliance Officers are appointed for the organized execution of compliance at the UBE Group and in charge of developing and implementing strategies to secure compliance as well as providing education and monitoring in-house. In addition the UBE Group set up Compliance Committee as a consultative panel for Compliance Officers.

3. Internal Reporting System

The UBE Group operates the "UBE C-Line" compliance hotline for employees to directly report on compliance issues. The service facilitates rapid identification and correction of compliance issues.