Life Science Research Group

Life Science Research Group
Description of Research

The mission of the Life Science Research Group is to investigate and explore products with future potential for UBE Industries, and suggest future research projects and conduct initial research for developing new businesses.

The group pursues day-to-day research activities with a focus on three main areas:

  1. Research relating to life science and application of UBE's materials in the field of life science
  2. Research relating to biomass and application of UBE's biomass materials to useful materials
  3. Strengthening collaboration that cuts across the company and developing new areas of business revolving around aging demographics

The group operates a technology platform comprising hardware and software for visualization of three-dimensional (3D) structures, centering on 3D reconstruction technology through layering of continuous cross-section structures.

Research Specialization

The Life Science Research Group places a priority on identifying scientific issues and conducting interdisciplinary research to efficiently acquire cutting-edge technology to secure differentiation, while also pursuing open innovation with other companies and conducting collaborative research. Another notable aspect of the group is that it fully leverages professional networking and personal connections to collaboratively overcome scientific hurdles and tackle scientific problems head-on.

The group additionally focuses on enhancing collaboration with diverse organizations within the UBE Group, in areas ranging from precision chemicals manufacturing to the energy business. This is pursued in order to bring together technologies in fields such as synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and high polymer chemistry, to carry out in-house experiments with the support of UBE's specialists to fully leverage company resources and strengthen competitiveness.