Guided by the UBE Management Policy, the UBE Group designates Fundamental Quality Guidelines that define the standards for quality activities at the Group.

UBE Group Fundamental Quality Guidelines

In order to earn the trust of stakeholders, we will continually focus on safety and security in developing and providing products and services that meet customer expectations for quality.

  1. We will always obtain the latest information on regulations and public standards that relate to quality, and we will adhere to them.
  2. We will adhere to the agreements with customers.
  3. We will build close relations with customers and provide the quality sought by customers.
  4. We will continually improve our quality assurance systems.
  5. We will develop products and services that can be safely and securely handled throughout the product life cycle, ensuring that we suitably provide necessary information.

Approach to Quality Activities

The UBE Group clearly states and assesses its fundamental quality activities, in an effort to enhance quality management.
Quality activities are comprised of the following three activities.

  1. Quality activities by the corporate internal control department
  2. Quality assurance activities in accordance with quality assurance systems operated by the internal companies and Group companies
  3. Quality assessment of the quality assurance activities of internal companies and Group companies


The UBE Group appoints a Quality Officer who is responsible for overseeing the Group’s quality activities, and operates a Strategic Management Meeting that deliberates on matters concerning the corporate internal control department and quality matters. Under the direction of the Quality Officer, the corporate internal control department manages the Group’s quality activities and establishes corporate internal controls. The Quality Officer provides regular status reports regarding the establishment and operation of internal controls to ensure effective supervision by the Board of Directors.

Quality Activities

Corporate internal control department manages the quality activities of the UBE Group through the following functions.

1. Raising Quality Awareness

Planning and implementing Group-wide activities to raise quality awareness

2. Managing Quality Activities

Formulating Group quality measures; reporting to Strategic Management Meeting (quality) regarding the implementation status of Group quality measures and Group quality activities

3. Conducting Audits

Auditing the status of Group quality activities and providing guidance and assistance

The UBE Group is engaged in diverse businesses inside and outside Japan, focusing on chemicals, construction materials, and machinery, with all three operating as internal companies to emphasize their independence. The Quality Management Department supports the independent activities of the internal companies, which practice their own quality activities as suited to their business.

Chemicals Segment

Since fiscal 2016, the Chemicals Segment has operated an internal company quality management system (QMS) that integrates the previously separate QMSs of its business divisions and four plants in Japan. In fiscal 2018, an internal probe uncovered improprieties in quality inspections, which prompted the Chemicals Segment to formulate and implement recurrence prevention measures. In addition to taking steps to change mindsets among managers and employees, the Chemicals Segment made organizational changes, added further inspection personnel, and changed its internal rules. The Chemicals Segment will ensure that these changes are implemented and continually improved in order to restore the confidence of stakeholders.
The Pharmaceutical Division was incorporated into the Chemicals Segment in fiscal 2019. Due to requirements that are specific to the sector, the Pharmaceutical Division continues to operate its own Pharmaceutical Quality System (PQS) under a commitment to a pharmaceutical quality policy.
Going forward, the Chemicals Segment will continue to create customer value that is unique to UBE, ensuring that all of its employees pay careful attention to quality assurance and continuous improvement.

Chemicals Segment Quality Policy

Chemicals Segment Quality Policy

Pharmaceutical Quality Policy

Pharmaceutical Quality Policy

Construction Materials Company

Maintaining Safe and Reliable Product Supplies

The Construction Materials Company looks after many of Group companies. As well as engaging in cement, resource recycling, and energy businesses, it supplies a range of social infrastructure products in and outside Japan, including ready-mixed concrete, magnesia and calcia, and construction material products.
The Quality Assurance Department oversees quality assurance and product safety for the Construction Materials Company, which strives to manufacture products from the customer’s perspective in order to constantly endeavor to supply the safe and secure products.
To prevent quality improprieties from occurring again, the Quality Committee of the Construction Materials Company communicates the quality measures to all departments and Group companies, and manages the progress and implementation of the measures. The Construction Materials Company also conducts quality and product safety audits of its business locations and group companies. This is to verify that there is a proper framework for quality and product safety, and that it is working properly.
Through these activities, the Construction Materials Company will continually improve its framework for quality and product safety in order to live up to the expectations of its customers and society.

Construction Materials Company Quality Policy

Construction Materials Company Quality Policy

Machinery Company

Continuing to Supply Quality Products and Services That Satisfy Customers and Build Trust

The Machinery Company develops diverse products from customer-centric perspectives and provides products and services across various fields, including metal and polymer processing machines, industrial machinery, bridges, and steel products. The Machinery Company will continue to supply products and services that are safe and secure to use, in order to meet customer expectations and earn their trust. Additionally, the Machinery Company will develop human resources to help ensure that it remains compliant with regulations and standards related to its business activities, and it will continually improve its QMS.

Machinery Company Quality Policy

Machinery Company Quality Policy

Chemical Substance Management