UBE Group Environmental and Safety Guidelines

UBE Group Environmental and Safety Guidelines

We have made it our shared value to prioritize safety in everything we do. This includes ensuring safety and security in the workplace and in local communities, and conserving the global environment.

  1. We will secure healthy, safe and comfortable working conditions, aiming to eliminate occupational accidents.
  2. We will ensure the safety and security of facilities and operations, aiming to eliminate facilities accidents.
  3. We will reduce our emissions of waste and chemical substances, and contribute to establishing a recycling-based society by recycling and effectively using resources.
  4. We will voluntarily and continuously work to address global environmental issues in order to contribute to a sustainable society.
  5. We will strive to maintain and improve the health of working persons, who give vitality to society and corporations.

Environmental and Safety Organization

Policies and measures relating to components of environmental safety such as occupational safety and health, process safety and disaster prevention, and environmental preservation are key management issues. The President and CEO chairs the Group Strategic Management Meeting (Environment and Safety), which deliberates and decides on these issues. The meeting also serves as the process safety headquarters required by Japan’s High Pressure Gas Safety Act, discussing and determining important matters relating to process safety at certified sites for high-pressure gas.

Structure of Environment and Safety-Related Meetings

Environmental Safety Measures

The UBE Group employs the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle across all of its business activities in order to drive continual improvements in areas related to occupational safety and health, process safety and disaster prevention, and environmental preservation.

Annual RC Activities' PDCA Cycle

Environmental and Safety Activities

Details and data for environment and safety activities are presented in the Integrated Report 2020 and the Integrated Report 2020 Supplementary Information (Environment and Safety).