Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

Basic Approach to Process Safety and Disaster Prevention Initiatives

The UBE Group strives to keep process accidents to zero by developing worksite frameworks that prevent accidents by ensuring thorough identification of risks and systematic implementation of far-reaching measures to counter those identified risks.

UBE Group’s Initiatives

The UBE Group endeavors to eliminate process accidents through initiatives that ensure its facilities are safe and secure. The Group also undertakes activities to minimize damage in the event of major natural disasters. In fiscal 2019, the Group focused on comprehensive measures to address the risks of accidents at aging facilities, improving safety at certified high-pressure gas sites, and implementing natural disaster measures.

Comprehensive Risk Measures Against Accidents at Aging Facilities

Measures to address the risks of accidents at aging facilities entail conducting inspections at each business site, selecting facilities and areas that have not been inspected or audited for a long time, and formulating and executing inspection and audit plans. By undertaking such comprehensive risk measures, the UBE Group endeavors to build business sites that are impervious to accidents.

UBE Group Process Accidents In fiscal 2019, the UBE Group recorded seven accidents,
investigated their causes and implemented recurrence prevention measures.
Occupational Safety, Health and Disaster Prevention Expenditure of the UBE Group

Enhancing Process Safety Capabilities at Certified High-Pressure Gas Facilities

For certified high-pressure gas sites, the UBE Group sets up an improvement agenda in line with assessment findings from the Japan Safety Competency Center and engages in systematic improvement initiatives.

Implementing Natural Disaster Measures

Each business site conducts self-assessments in line with the Self-Evaluation Standards for Natural Disaster Measures and carries out continuous improvements.